Workers overcome by carbon monoxide on a construction site

4 transported to hospital, 1 other treated on site

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Four construction workers were taken to hospital on Thursday morning with a case of carbon monoxide.

It all started when two people were overcome with carbon monoxide at a construction site for new apartments just off I 75 off North Concorde Road.

Firefighters said workers installed heaters inside and outside the building.

They say several of them malfunctioned, flooding the building with gas.

When firefighters arrived, two workers had passed out.

They also discovered that others continued to work, not realizing what had happened to the others.

A total of four of them were taken to hospital and a fifth was treated on the spot.

Firefighters recorded CO levels of 540 parts per million.

The security amount is 0.

40 workers were evacuated from the site.

Fire Chief Phil Hyman said: “It could have been much, much worse.”

“We just want to warn the public about the use of these types of heaters…if they are not vented, a large amount of carbon monoxide will accumulate in the structure. Whether it is a house or a business, it must be ventilated, otherwise people will suffer a negative impact. »

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