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What’s in Kelly Withers’ superintendent contract?

Posted at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

SALISBURY — Kelly Withers does not yet have a start date as superintendent of Rowan-Salisbury Schools, but her contract details full details of her first term.

Here are the basics of the contract:

Benefits and compensation

Withers will receive $185,000 each year in monthly installments.

She will benefit from 10 days of paid leave for each school year in compensation for her commitment to “work many hours, including nights and weekends, beyond the time necessary for the performance of her duties”.

She will receive $500 per month as compensation for her business travel expenses in Rowan County. The board will also reimburse him for out-of-county travel at the same rate it compensates other employees. Withers can also use a district vehicle to travel outside the county.

She will receive the same benefits offered to other professional employees.

Withers can be paid as a part-time employee to take on the role of superintendent.

The board will pay up to $1,000 per year for professional and civic memberships “if the superintendent deems it necessary to maintain and improve professional skills, enhance civic involvement, or advance the mission of the school board.”

She will be provided with a cell phone, service and other technologies to perform her work.


The duration of the contract has a start date no later than October 24 and extends until June 30, 2026. The contract can be extended.

The Board may terminate the contract for cause with due process including 10 days written notice of “charges” and an audience. The board can unilaterally terminate the contract, but in that case they would be required to pay Withers 24 months’ salary or the remaining time of the contract.

The board “no later than the date of the last regular meeting” in January before the expiration of the contract will advise Withers of “his intentions regarding the renewal of his contract”.


Withers will have to keep her state superintendent’s license.

She must live in Rowan County.

The contract specifies that she is responsible for administering the schools under the direction of the board.

She is expected to participate in professional development programs and attend professional meetings with the approval of the Chairman of the Board.

The board will prepare a written assessment each year “based on goals established by the board after consultation with the superintendent.” This review will take place by October 15 each year and the board will have the discretion whether or not to increase the superintendent salary after evaluation.

Withers will have a number of powers typically granted to superintendents, including immediate acceptance of resignations, organizing other district employees. The contract stipulates that the superintendent must consult with the board before transferring directors or cabinet members.

The contract also states that the board will defend the superintendent in legal actions brought against her while “acting within the scope of her employment.”

Withers, with the approval of the chairman of the board, will be permitted to accept private consultations and speaking engagements and may serve on boards that “do not interfere” with her performance. The contract requires vacation or time off to be used for any private consultation during normal working hours.

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