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ST. Louis – growing up, Dena McCafree She always wanted to have a career that improves her community.

“I think it comes from my time at Uruslin Academy. It’s all about the service there, ”she said of her high school years. “I wanted to do something where I gave back to others. It was very important to me. “

McCaffrey initially enrolled in college in hopes of earning a degree in social work, but these courses were not as appealing to her as communication and business courses. Instead, she said she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a minor in Communication and it had helped her for many years while working in the nonprofit and education departments.

Since college, McCafree has played roles at the St. Louis Science Center, John Cook Business School at the University of St. Louis, the St. Louis Jewish Community Center, and the University of St. Louis. Here she has worked for the past 14 years.

In July 2020, McCafree was named the eighth president of Jefferson University, with 3,740 enrollments and an annual budget of $ 45.4 million for the 2020-2021 academic year. She is the first woman to become president in nearly 60 years of community college history.

You are the first woman to serve as President of Jefferson University. How does that feel? My parents always urged me and my siblings to do whatever we wanted to do, so when I got into this job I always said I didn’t know how meaningful it was, so it’s very interesting. As we went to the girls’ school, we didn’t ask the men anything. At first I didn’t realize how important it was to many, many women. I am very fortunate and happy that the Board of Directors believed in me and in my ability to lead the institution. Every job after graduating from college must move within the organization, show worth at one level, apply for another job, or take on another role. I’ve always had the chance to think more about the importance of this and make sure I have a good mentor and do it for others.

What do you want to accomplish as president? Many first-generation and low-income students attend Jefferson University. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that it is better to provide a workforce training program or to help transfer to another school. Given these implications, we would like to continue this trend and make sure it really improves retention and completion for all students. We are changing the life of the entire family tree. Some students have their own children and they are only there to improve their lives.

We receive federal pandemic funding to help improve campus infrastructure. Some facilities had to be updated and kept up to date. You cannot participate in nursing programs and do not have a good on-campus lab setup. We also want to integrate emergency medical and EMT services from Arnold and Imperial. By integrating them, we believe the program can grow.

We also want to set up a manufacturing training center in the Fenton corridor. We would like to make sure that we not only serve Jefferson County employees, but also prepare their residents to work in St. Louis County or the City of St. Louis. Technically, we are part of a metropolitan area, as many of our residents travel north to work. I don’t think everyone understands what impact we will have and the workforce coming out of Jefferson County, so train them to meet the needs of our current and future workforce. Is important.

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