What is prediabetes? Know some Ayurvedic tips to overcome this condition


As mentioned earlier, people who are obese and lethargic are more likely to develop prediabetes. But if a person’s pancreatic ability to secrete insulin is impaired or if the cells are unable to respond to insulin, then your blood sugar levels may rise, triggering this disease as well. in the future.

While prediabetes requires many crucial lifestyle changes, Ayurvedic practices can also play a supportive role in minimizing problems and mitigating risks. We tell you about some of them.

Turmeric and Indian gooseberries (amla)
The mixture of turmeric and amla powder or turmeric in amla juice helps prevent insulin resistance in cells and works as a regulator of the glucose pathway in our body. This concoction also protects against various other diseases, including cataract and immunity issues.

Fenugreek seeds

In mild type 2 diabetics, fenugreek seeds have also been shown to help manage blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance.

Strict implementations in your diet
Excessive consumption of junk food, fried dishes, sweets, fruit or refined sugar, carbonated drinks, condensed milk, cream and even fermented foods should be avoided. Increase your diet of low glycemic index, low glycemic load fruits and vegetables. Low-fat dairy products and legumes are good options. More whole grains should be consumed. Instead of fatty red meat or processed meat, choose chicken and lean meat.

Maintain a healthy weight by using yoga and exercise to burn calories. Increase your daily exercise to help manage and bring your blood sugar back to normal.

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