What Georgia Can Achieve Against Charleston Southern

Georgia will be 11-0 once Week 12 is on the books. The Bulldogs face an FCS opponent in Charleston Southern, their first game against a non-SEC opponent in over two months. This is only the second game on the UGA schedule against an opponent who is not in a Power Five conference.

Normally we break down the clashes at this point in the week, but that’s not necessary since the Bulldogs have the Buccaneers outclassed all over the place. Instead, Dawgs247 takes a look at what Kirby Smart and the company can accomplish on Saturday, which will help them prepare for the rest of the season.

Be healthy and stay like this: The Bulldogs have some control over the first part of this statement, but not so much over the last part. The Tennessee game wasn’t as injury-expensive as it seemed in real time, but there are several Bulldogs that are being assaulted.

Junior outside linebacker Nolan Smith has a “hollow” elbow, according to Smart. Keeping him out seems like the right decision on the surface, but if Smith is told there is little or no risk of further injury, it will be difficult to keep him off the field. However, its number of shots may be limited. UGA could also pick up senior offensive lineman Jamaree Salyer. He’s missed the last two games with a foot disease, but is now the right time to bring him back? The Bulldogs don’t need him to win this game, but you know they would like to give him a chance to get rid of the rust. We have an idea of ​​how Salyer could be used later.

When it comes to maintaining health, this type of game is a great time to clear the bench and allow some beginners who have experienced minor issues to rest and recover. There is a very good chance that this will happen.

Experiment a little: We’re thinking of Salyer here. Broderick Jones has filled the left guard well and has at least two and a half games of valuable left tackle experience under his belt. Salyer has played left tackle at an extremely high level over the past two seasons, but his skills are more suited to guard. This could be an opportunity for him to do some shots inside, but Matt Luke has to count the cost. If they plan to be the left tackle in the SEC Championship game and for a possible playoff run, do they want Luke to really want to squeeze Salyer inside?

Georgia are also shorthanded as an outside linebacker right now and it could be a golden opportunity to get guys like Channing Tindall and Quay Walker specific reps for that position. With Adam Anderson certainly out for the remainder of the 2021 season due to off-court issues, the Bulldogs have a chance to gain some depth.

Put something on film: Have you ever wondered why teams set up a rigged game or throw a wrinkle against an opponent they can beat with the most basic play calls? That’s because they want a future opponent to spend time making sure he covers this game. Georgia has a chance of doing that against Charleston Southern.

Maybe Dan Lanning is breaking out some pressure or an exotic blanket that he hasn’t used all year. Maybe Todd Monken is turning to a double pass or some sort of chip flicker. The Bulldogs will most likely face Alabama in the SEC Championship game in a few weeks time and they can use this game to sow a seed or two when it comes to future preparations for the Crimson Tide.

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