What can Justin Trudeau accomplish with another minority government?


OTTAWA (CityNews) ─ Some of the final votes are still being counted, but Canadians have yet another minority government – a government almost identical to the one dissolved in August.

It seems that the mandate of Canadians is for the Prime Minister to learn how to play well with the opposition parties.

But what exactly can Justin Trudeau accomplish with another minority?

“The proof around the world, especially in the democratic western countries where they have perpetual coalitions and perpetual minority governments, is that this thing can be done, and it can benefit the electorate,” said Stéphanie Plante of Horizon Democracy.

“Whether it’s Justin Trudeau’s temperament to do that kind of negotiation and that kind of reach across the aisle, I’m not sure. But it will be interesting to see the future.

Plante says there are many examples of governments that work well with regular coalitions. Since 1990, France has had only two majority parliaments and no party in the German Bundestag has had a majority since reunification.

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Trudeau will have to work with opposition parties going forward, and Plante says it’s actually better for the public.

“These are economies where the economy is pretty good, democratic standards are followed, so I would say that’s good. Maybe Justin Trudeau would disagree with me.

Trudeau will need the support of another party to pass a law, probably the NDP. This is a delicate position, as Trudeau called the same arrangement unworkable before calling for an election.

But Daniel Béland, director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, says there likely won’t be lingering resentment at the negotiating table.

“For the NDP, for the Bloc and even for the Green Party, having a minority government is a way of exerting more direct influence.

“If you asked them and they answered honestly before the campaign, they will have told you that they would rather work with a minority Liberal government than with a Conservative minority government, or a majority government, whatever it is.” .

There is at least one policy Trudeau can move forward with: a $ 10 per day child care center. This is a direct deal with the provinces and will not need legislative approval other than to approve spending. Most provinces have already signed.

—With files from Xiaoli Li

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