Watch This Triumph GT6’s Transformation From Barn Find To Shiny Sports Car

Due to certain circumstances, classic cars can become ugly and horrible to watch. Sometimes, however, just a thorough wash and detailing is all a classic vehicle needs to turn it from unsightly into beautiful. Take a good look at how AMMO NYC transformed this 1973 Triumph GT6 from barn dirt to restored classic splendor.

1973 Triumph GT6 without tub since 1976

The previous owner bought this Triumph GT6 – a version of the classic Triumph Spitfire – new in November 1973. After around 18,000 miles on the road, the GT6 has been sitting idle since 1976. Derek Matcheski bought the car , but just stored it in a barn. Derek decided it was already time to resurrect the GT6, so he tapped AMMO NYC’s Larry Kosilla For the job.

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Upon inspection, Larry found the car full of dust and dirt, with the seals rotting dry. Working inside Derek’s garage, Larry used a Pro Foamer to wash the car without using water (no access to water in the middle of winter). He also used a steam engine to clean hard-to-reach places. After determining that the paint thickness is still within range for paint detail, Larry immediately changed the task.

Paint and wheel polishing

Larry buffed the GT6 with a red pad and yellow polish to remove scratches and dead oxidized paint. Then he used a green pad with white polish to remove the small marks. Larry switched to wool pads with blue compound to remove remaining scratches and deep paint imperfections.

He then used a wool pad to remove the composition marks. A yellow pad and yellow polish complete the process, which he repeated on smaller areas using smaller pads. Finally, he coated the paint for protection.

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While Larry polished the bodywork, Derek worked on the wheels, applying an acid pickling solution to remove the rust. After cleaning off the rust and solution, Derek coated the wheels with primer, then applied three light coats of silver wheel paint. He also polished the hubcaps, the bumper and the license plates.

Clean the interior and start the engine

Larry started working on the interior. After removing the seats and carpets, he found the floors covered in mold. After eliminating them, Larry used a steam vacuum to clean the seats and the carpet. It also removed dust from every corner of the interior.

The team then degreased the engine and used steam to clean various components inside the bay. After installing the battery, they fired up the engine and squealed with delight when it came to life.

Source: AMMO NYC on YouTube

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