Unemployment benefits expire for millions


LANSING, Michigan (WILX) – Millions of American workers have lost their unemployment benefits. This includes people who are self-employed or who have been unemployed for more than 6 months. Another benefit that has expired is the federal government supplement of $ 300 per week.

Once the local man feels the effects of these changes. Greg Priestapp was fired during the pandemic and the only places he could find who were hiring were in manual labor roles. He told News 10 that as a man in his 60s, he had to change his career path completely.

“I’m in my sixties. Not many people want to hire people in their 60s, ”Priestapp said.

He said the extra unemployment funds were the reason he was able to take courses to change careers. The pandemic made him realize he had to adapt.

“I started taking courses to reorient my career in a different direction because of it. It got me thinking and now I’m going to be more stable in the long run. I try not to use resources, I try to be resourceful, ”Priestapp said.

MSU economics professor Scott Imberman told News 10 that while it may attract more people to companies looking for workers, ending many unemployment benefits is not the answer to solving the problem. the current labor shortage.

“There may be a slight increase in the number of people entering the workforce and looking for a job, but I suspect it will be relatively small and you will likely end up with a lot of people who relied on income and still count. because of the pandemic, ”said Imberman.

Imberman said the pandemic created new factors impacting the labor shortage.

  1. Parents are reluctant to find a job due to inconsistent schedules for their children.
  2. People fear for their own safety at work.

He forecasts small growth in the number of available workers, but said an economic recovery will take time.

“We have to overcome these big epidemics in order to really make sure that the economy and the job market are on a stable footing,” said Imberman.

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