UFC Legend has an idea to help Jon Jones defeat the demons


UFC Hall of Fame member Pat Miletich believes a new psychotherapy technique could help Jon Jones exorcise his demons.

Jones certainly needs all the help he can get after a celebratory trip to Las Vegas turned into another legal nightmare last weekend. Hours after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, the 34-year-old was arrested for domestic violence with battery (misdemeanor) and injuring / tampering with a vehicle.

The charges stem from a nighttime altercation in which Jones allegedly assaulted his fiancée, Jessie Moses, in their hotel room at Caesars Palace. Upon inspection, police found blood on the bedsheets and the messy room, while Moses reportedly had a bloody nose and swollen lip.

Days later, Jones took to Instagram promising to quit alcohol; and on Friday night, he posted a deleted video since showing him and his fiancee loving each other. Jones is due in court on October 26.

Jon Jones, Jessie Moses, circa 2011, Credit: Getty Images

Pat Miletich comes up with an idea to help Jones get his life back

Since his arrest, Jones has received criticism and advice from all corners of the MMA media landscape. Former rival Daniel Cormier has suggested that Jon’s current troubles may be the culmination of his failure in the Octagon. While Chael Sonnen believes Jones will only reform once he is properly punished by having his UFC contract broken.

Maybe the tough love Sonnen suggested is the way to turn Jones’ life around. However, former UFC welterweight champion Pat Miletich believes a more personal and human approach is needed.

“If I were her brother, I would say, ‘Hey, man, let’s sit down. Let’s talk, ” Miletich said in an interview with MMANews.

As Dana White said of Jones after his last arrest; “This guy has a lot of demons.” And Miletich believes Jon could eventually overcome them with the help of an alternative therapy technique that aims to treat traumatic memories, known as quantum chronological hypnosis.

“Quantum timeline hypnosis, I have found, is the most amazing thing for solving problems from the past when you were a kid and things you don’t even remember that happened. I have a good buddy who is a quantum timeline hypnotist. And I tell you what, it works. It really works.

“So if he can find someone who is really good at it and who walks through your whole life, where you can actually remember the times in your life that are causing problems, let it be the fears of giving up.” , fears of poverty, fears of this, fears of that, that stuff causes problems in adult life. It’s just. And when you look at the company, you can see that everyone is acting the way they are based on their childhood. And a lot of people haven’t made those adjustments. And look, Jon is probably dealing with the same thing, ”Miletich said.

What do you think would help Jon Jones defeat his demons?

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