TV Review: ‘Squid Game’ is a disturbing and addicting triumph for Netflix


Squid game follows Seong Gi-Hun (Greg Chun) who is unlucky and has absorbing debt with the loan sharks.

After a game with a mysterious well-dressed man, who gives him 100,000 for winning a children’s game and a business card inviting him to play other games, Gi-Hun accepts and is kidnapped in a mysterious location with 455 other players. There they are forced to play children’s games with fatal consequences if defeated.

The latest Korean Netflix TV show directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. Many great international Netflix movies like The platform or show as Alice in the land of borders Usually revolves around dark themes and turns harmless games into deadly scenarios. Netflix has recently had a string of successes when it comes to this type of programming. Squid game has a lot of concepts similar to Alice in Borderland, that will appeal to fans of this show.

The thematic elements of Squid game sets it apart from many other shows and movies.

The series doesn’t spend a lot of time on games, but rather on character moments and little information about each character. The show makes you question the morality of the situation, as the actors in the game are people who are either unlucky, cheated, and breaking the rules of the system by committing fraud or not paying rent or taxes, as well as people who had bad circumstances in life.

The acting of the series is extremely well done. Chun does a great job describing a man who has lost everything in his life, including his wife and daughter. The show sets up Gi-Hun for over 30 minutes before he is introduced to the games, allowing viewers to get to know his character and understand his struggles. Park Hae-Soo does an amazing job portraying a devious and cunning character with his portrayal of Cho Sang-Woo.

The “games” of Squid game are all very well done. The game red light, green light recently exploded on TikTok, becoming a big meme for good reason.

The show has many memorable moments and most of them come from the games themselves. One moment that will stand out for many people is the game of marbles. It becomes very moving as the main actors have to fight against each other to survive. Each game is simple but is very brutal in nature in each episode. We can see tug-of-war, honeycombs, marbles, glass diving boards, and the infamous squid game itself.

Squid game is an extremely complex Netflix show that is very greedy in nature. There are so many themes and narratives throughout the show that will make viewers wonder if the game’s players deserve to be in this situation, as some of them are criminals and crooks. Squid game is an amazing ride and when said ride ends you wish you could do it again.

Rating: 4/5


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