Triumph of TSM, Stunned Mirage, Parabellum and 1shot still in contention — SiegeGG

Picture via Ubisoft

The first day of the NA SI Qualifier brought expected results, an unexpected and a whole host of technical issues.

The first two games of the day could not be fully broadcast at least in part due to an Internet Spectrum outage in the city of San Antonio, Texas, where CCS production was based. The production issues were eventually resolved, but not before exactly half of the day’s matches had been completed.

The stream only lasted three rounds in the TSM FTX vs. Parabellum Esports match.

TSM FTX will win the match 2-0 (7-0, 7-4). 1shot defeated Mirage in their first match of the day.

The TSM FTX vs. 1shot match was the first streamed match, and it got off to a flying start. 1shot fought back and fought their way to a 7-5 over Chalet before TSM FTX crushed them on back-to-back 7-4 scores over Kafe and Villa.

Then come Parabellum and Mirage. Mirage, in hindsight, made the highly questionable decision to bring Parabellum to Bank, one of their best cards. It was a quick wipe for the new NAL team, they won relatively easily. Parabellum landed every opening pick on the second card, Chalet, en route to a 7-4 victory to clinch the series 2-0.

With the loss, Mirage is eliminated from qualification. We’ll see them next in the 2022 iteration of NAL in Stage 1. TSM FTX has clinched its ticket to the Grand Finals, and Parabellum and 1shot will battle tomorrow for another shot at TSM FTX for the final spot in the tournament. America at the Six Invitational.

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