Triumph of salvation in the game of glorious uncertainty


Bangladesh cricketers Mahmudullah and Taskin Ahmed enter the dressing room during a break as teammates applaud for the duo’s magnificent effort on day two of the ongoing test against hosts Zimbabwe at Harare Sports Club on Thursday
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The ‘team man’ actually wrote to Mahmudullah in Bangladesh cricket when he formed a ninth stand winner match with pace pitcher Shafiul Islam to help his team win against England in the 2011 World Cup. He was also part of the former top ninth wicket for Bangladesh and helped No. 10 batsman Abul Hossain mark his century against the West Indies in 2012

Cricket is called the game of glorious uncertainty, neither for its speed nor for its loud drama. Rather, it’s called that because it sets the stage for seemingly impossible things like one player or a pair of players reviving the game’s fate or someone who is least expected, presenting wonders. These wonders create spectacular memories and uncertainties.

Day two of the ongoing test match between Zimbabwe and visiting Bangladesh saw such an enjoyable spectacle, if not a shambles from the hosts’ point of view, as Mahmudullah and Taskin Ahmed added 191 points, just four off the record. world, at the ninth wicket to completely change the course of the match.

And, the story didn’t even start with the stand which brought the total from 270 to 461 but it had started when Mahmudullah got to the wicket. The 35-year-old’s testing career, who returned to Test XI after 17 months, was almost over and apparently for the last time when he went to fold his team were turning 132-6 against who they should win . . Initially, he formed a well-made stand of 138 races with opener Liton Das before forming the historic partnership with Taskin. Mahmudullah finished with 150 points while Taskin pulled out 75, both scoring their best runs in the tests.

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It was not the first time Mahmudullah, who is competing in his 50th test, however, to save his team. Bangladesh added a record 336 points in the last four wickets during the game and the previous record was 212 against New Zealand in Hamilton in 2010. Mahmudullah, who has previously been hailed as the best six-a-side batsman in the world. by Sunil Gavaskar, scored 115 during those innings. prove his worth as a man of crisis.

The ‘team man’ actually inscribed his name in Bangladesh cricket when he formed a ninth stand winning match with pitcher Shafiul Islam to help his team win against England in the World Cup. 2011. He was also part of the previous best ninth wicket for Bangladesh and helped number 10 batsman Abul Hossain mark his century against the West Indies in 2012.

Along with many other winning rounds and partnerships, Mahmudullah’s great attribute is the ability to inject faith into the tails to induce a seemingly impossible feat. But what he did on Thursday, July 8, 2021, when he was seemingly lost, may have overshadowed his previous fairy tales.

Also worth mentioning is Taskin, once considered the county’s most talented paceman. The quick, gangly pitcher seemed to be confused with the fame and the spotlight and therefore lost his track and position to the side. However, he showed immense tenacity through extreme hard work and determination as his close sources revealed that they saw a changed man in him. He impressed everyone on the previous tour of Sri Lanka in difficult conditions and continued in the current tour with the stick which is not his forte.

In short, the Mahmudullah and Taskin saga was the story of the return of two apparently lost men, the triumph of salvation, the glory of uncertainty.

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One of the most revered Bangladeshi journalists, Jalal Chowdhury expressed his desire via facebook Thursday morning for Mahmudullah and Taskin to see through an hour in the morning session to create such a story that he can predict for generations to come. The duo, in fact, exceeded the expectations of this discerning man.

Cricket can often bring such impossible wonders that even the most discerning person fails to imagine. Whenever someone doubts the glorious uncertainty of cricket, like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a cricketer fan can always invite a stranger to the game by saying:

“And so, as a foreigner, welcome him. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than your philosophy dreams of.

Long live the cricket.

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