These Mexican wings triumph in the house of the Buffalo Bills


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Army of wings , mark of Maso in expansion holding, obtained for the fourth consecutive time, the recognition of the National Buffalo Wing Festival , figure of the “world of wings”, with its participating sauces, this time in the BBQ category.

Army of wings

The Mexican franchise in co-branding with the sweet enchilado Pelón Pelo Rico, obtained the trophy which was given to the Bison Tickets football field, theater of the competition which brought together the 20 most influential brands of this agri-food industry.

Wings Army is the only Mexican company to be invited to the competition and to win five awards after crossing over 2,000 miles from Mexico to the city of Buffalo, New York.

And it is that the national franchise transfers all the “experience” of its “barracks” restaurant to the competition, which causes huge queues of wingers around its stand to taste the Mexican flavor.

Courtesy of the Winged Army

Martín Santaella, CEO and founder of Wings Army, encouraged by this acceptance of their sauces, is already analyzing the proposal to bring one of its branches to this city; Currently with more than 200 barracks in Mexico and a presence in Panama, the franchise is accelerating its process of international expansion.

Wings Army, obtained what no national firm in its turn, in a quarter, will not receive recognition for its sauces in the United States and in Europe. In Brussels, Belgium, the International Institute of Taste , composed of the best chefs and sommeliers, has recognized its Mango Habanero and Tamarindo sauces, with stars of the Superior Taste Award 2021.

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