The Eagles’ back-to-back triumph received ‘replica’ honors on SANFL’s alternative fireplace


SANFL 2021 premiers were honored at a different site – and on a much smaller scale – after blustery weather marred plans for the 67-year-old ceremony.

Woodville-West Torrens, who topped Glenelg by 67 points at Adelaide Oval on Sunday, saw its colors unveiled on a chimney replica at Thebarton’s Brickworks Marketplace.

The colors of the winners and finalists were to be painted for the first time on the furnace designed by Hoffman in 1913, but strong winds on Monday led authorities to judge the 42-meter structure too dangerous to be climbed.

Coach Jade Sheedy, who also led the Eagles to a Premiership last year, called the moment “surreal”.

“I’m just very happy for the football club and the players,” he said.

“Proud daddy”

The Magarey medalist and former Sturt captain and Premiership player said he probably enjoys celebrating more as a coach than as a player.

“When you’re a player you’re heavily invested and you’re having a great time over the next few days and stuff,” Sheedy said.

“I think when you’re a coach it’s more like a real club feeling, and obviously you can see the whole board, all the people and all the volunteers.

“The players do it too, but as a coach you are the leader of the soccer club and you feel like a proud father I guess and you are really happy for all the boys.”

Team captain Luke Thompson paid tribute to the crowd of around 300 who attended the ceremony.

“It wouldn’t be the same without you, as you came back around us to Woodville Oval, after Grandma’s victory, which we will never forget, and we hope we have brought you some joy over the years. past two years, “he said.

The Eagles are celebrating two consecutive terms after beating Glenelg on Sunday.(

ABC Radio Adelaide: Malcolm Sutton


Displaced tradition

The fireplace ceremony began in 1954 when employees of a former Hindley Street brewery decided to honor this year’s prime ministers, the Port Adelaide Magpies, by painting the team colors on the fireplace.

The tradition moved to the West End Brewery in Thebarton in 1980 where it remained until the owner’s decision last year to close the site.

The new location is a stone’s throw from Thebarton Oval, where SANFL is moving its headquarters.

A SANFL spokesperson said that while the colors could not be painted on the Brickworks oven in time for the ceremony, the job would be done as soon as it was safe to do so.

A man is standing on a podium dressed in black and gold.
Disappointed Glenelg Football Club President Peter Carey faced the crowd to congratulate the Eagles.(

ABC Radio Adelaide: Malcolm Sutton


A new house

West Torrens Town Mayor Michael Coxon has said the brickyard will be home to the colors of the grand finalists every year in the future.

“Everyone here will agree that this is a great structure on which to honor our heroes,” he said.

He offered commiserations to Glenelg, who has won 17 straight games during the season at home and away, but only missed one game of winning them all.

“A fantastic effort, but like everything in football there is always next week and there is always next season,” he said.

“However, the chocolates go to the prime ministers.”

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