The Catholic Archdiocese will unveil the “final” plan for the reorganization of the parish on Sunday

“One canonical parish could mean multiple church locations,” Schack said Wednesday.

What will happen to Catholic schools and jobs remain unanswered questions.

“For the breadth of the exercise and the levels of communication required, the process has been as consultative and transparent as possible,” said Reverend Satish Joseph, pastor of Immaculate Conception and St. Mary’s parishes in Dayton, and St. Helen. in Riverside. “A restructuring process of this magnitude will never be perfect. “

To exploreArchdiocese publishes parish reorganization project

He added that because he believes the plan is “data driven and demographically driven,” the process will accomplish what he set out to accomplish – “move from (church) maintenance to the mission “.

The plan will not be officially put into effect until next summer, after the announcement of new priestly assignments next spring, the archdiocese said.

There is no specific deadline for when local groups must decide on the layout of buildings, Schack said.

But she noted that “Beacons of Light” is a five-year plan.

A draft plan was released in October for review and comment.

“I am convinced that the beacons of light, born in great hope, will allow us to form strong parishes, centered on the Eucharist, which radiate the love of Christ and the joy of the Gospel”, declared Schnurr in Wednesday’s declaration from the archdiocese.

The recent period of open comments drew nearly 8,000 comments and resulted in many changes to the setup, the Archdiocese said.

“We read every comment. Every comment has been read, reviewed and taken into consideration, ”Schack said.

Other churches and archdioceses across the country appear to be following the process and have contacted the Archdiocese of Cincinnati with questions and comments, Schack said.

The final list will be available on Tags at noon on Sunday.

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