The Biggest Obstacles Season 2 Has To Overcome

Bridgerton was a big hit for Netflix in 2021, and the Shonda Rhimes-created romance gained a fiery following ahead of the release of Bridgerton season 2. Only beaten by squid game, it held the highest viewership ever for the streaming platform for almost nine months. Bridgerton was renewed in January 2021 for a second season, and in April 2021 for a third and fourth season. There’s also a limited series prequel spin-off in the works, with Rhimes writing, which focuses on a young Queen Charlotte.

Many romance genre enthusiasts followed Julia Quinn’s best-selling book series for years before the show was announced, with the publication of the first book, The duke and me, which happened in 2000. But for viewers unfamiliar with the novels, season 2 of the hit series may come as a nasty surprise, as the focus shifts dramatically after the birth of Simon and Daphne’s son. Each book of Bridgerton The series focuses on another member of the Bridgerton family, as they navigate the ups and downs of Regency romance. This is why the emphasis of Bridgerton season 1 was clearly the budding attraction and eventual marriage of Daphne and Simon. Corn Bridgerton Season 2 will shift that focus from the often naïve Daphne to her far more worldly and far less sympathetic older brother, Anthony.


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With Bridgerton season 2 on the horizon, audiences are eager to see if lightning can strike twice. Many viewers were taken aback by the news of the central couple’s change, especially when it was announced that actor Régé-Jean Page, who played the passionate and troubled lead role, Simon Bassett, would not be returning for Bridgerton season 2. The streaming giant has poured a lot of money into the show, making it one of Netflix’s most expensive productions of all time, and proponents of casting diversity are eager for the show continues to succeed. Here are the obstacles that Bridgerton season 2 must overcome to live up to the audience’s adoration for season 1’s love story.

Viewers want a satisfying Simon and Daphne sequel

bridgerton daphne and simon kiss

While romance novels often end almost immediately after the “Happy until the end of time“, Bridgerton the audience wants more of a Simon and Daphne-focused storyline. There are several ways to solve this problem, without centering the Duke and Duchess in the main story. Clearly, Daphne continues to be a close-knit member of the Bridgerton family. It will be easy for the writers to include gossip (particularly from Lady Whistledown), letters to her family if Daphne and Simon are traveling, siblings chatting about the happy couple’s life together, and more. As Phoebe Dynevor, the actor who plays Daphne, has agreed to return in a limited role, it’s also possible that she and her child will make an appearance during Simon’s journey. Since Simon never lived full-time in the Ton, it’s not unreasonable for them to reside elsewhere, with occasional mentions filling in the blanks. Bridgerton Season 2 is also likely to include flashback scenes, which could allow Daphne to appear in family-centric storylines outside of her romance with Simon. As long as news is generously spread about the happy Duke and Duchess and other hurdles are overcome, fans should have no problem enjoying Bridgerton season 2.

Overcoming dislike of season 1 Anthony

Bridgerton Season 2 Anthony

Anthony Bridgerton was everyone’s least loved big brother in the first season, including his sisters. His lack of tact and understanding, his reckless and hasty choices for Daphne, and his inexperience as the head of the family nearly led his sister into a disastrous match with Nigel Berbrooke. But even worse were his own relationship challenges, particularly his treatment of opera singer and lover, Siena Rosso. It’s hard to imagine cheering on the eldest Bridgerton to find love after his dismissive behavior towards Sienna, his abandonments and his repetitive returns. The truth is, Anthony Season 1 was problematic and unlovable.

This means that Bridgerton season 2 has to reinvent Anthony somehow. The story must have an effect on him that changes his outlook on life and love, and viewers must fall in love with Kate. The changes must give the audience reason to understand why it acted the way it did, how it grew as a result, and most importantly, prove that it deserves happiness, despite its abrupt introduction. Romance novels have a long history of turning misunderstood men into diamonds in the rough, and as long as Anthony’s character development is believable, the series should continue to succeed.

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Continued growth of other siblings

Bridgerton Cast

Bridgerton has a chance to achieve the shift in focus without preparing viewers for it, and the success of future seasons hinges on the character growth that must occur in Season 2. Continuing to flesh out the younger remaining Bridgertons, Season 2 will fuel viewers’ hopes for their future. Benedict, Colin, and Eloise are expected to significantly factor into Season 2 storylines, creating a connection that will build anticipation for happily ever after futures. And the younger Bridgertons – Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth – are set to continue to play a bigger role in each season, bridging the gap between current romantic stories and their own future love lives. Season 1 did this in a number of ways, which will likely make Bridgerton a more satisfying season 2, even if viewers find it hard to adjust at first.

Expanded focus on ton

Why Lord Featherington was killed off Bridgerton

Similar to needing more storylines that connect to the other Bridgerton siblings, Season 2 needs to focus more on supporting characters and events within the Ton. Lady Danbury, the Featherington family, Queen Charlotte, Marina Thompson, and everyone else should be given a deeper story, to make the world more than just the backdrop for romance. By expanding the roles of these supporting characters in Season 1, Bridgerton laid the foundation for rotating love stories with a common framework.

The showrunner made the bold choice to reveal Lady Whistledown’s true identity to viewers at the end of season 1, but Ton residents are still left in the dark. Readers of the series didn’t learn that Penelope Featherington was the author of secret gossip until the fourth book, so there will likely be some interesting changes or secrets that viewers can be invested in. The community will likely serve as a vehicle for revealing the happenings of former focus couples, in the future as well.

Bridgerton is a pretty fresh option for bringing romance to the small screen. Many television series based on romance novels resemble Foreigner, focusing on a single couple who must face countless dangers that constantly try to undermine their happiness forever. But Rhimes has adopted the anthology style of many romance series like Quinn’s, which create a world that fuels multiple memorable romances. In doing so, they took the risk that viewers would not adapt to the untested format. But by loosely tying each season together, much like HBO Max did with Love life, Bridgerton can overcome obstacles in his path and bring new fans to the romance genre.

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Bridgerton Season 2 will have its work cut out for it as it focuses on the relationship between Anthony and Kate Sharma, who viewers have yet to meet. But audiences should be optimistic that Shonda Rhimes and showrunner Chris Van Dusen have already created a beautiful, diverse, multi-layered world in which to bring Quinn’s work to life. As the show is highly anticipated, it is likely that they will overcome the obstacles in their path and provide viewers with an emotional, sultry, and memorable season for returning fans as well as new ones.

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