The 49ers can’t get over first-half woes in a 30-28 loss to the Packers


Will the real San Francisco 49ers want to stand up?

The real 49ers have yet to be seen. This team has been sloppy and slow since midway through the fourth quarter against the Lions.

Slow and sloppy was the theme for the first half of the game until Trey Lance came and removed the goose egg from the scoreboard. It actually provided a spark the 49ers would use in the second half.

But it was not enough.

The 49ers couldn’t get over their first-half woes in a 30-28 loss to the Packers. And now the 49ers record is 2-1.

It’s a crushing loss for the 49ers.

It was a game the 49ers knew they weren’t going to be able to throw the ball hard. The waiting room is made up of duct tape at the moment. Jimmy Garoppolo was going to have to be called upon to bear the brunt of the offensive in certain sections. The problem is not with Garoppolo’s abilities. He cannot simply shoulder the burden of being the driving force behind the offense and that has been exposed against Green Bay.

The worst part is that Kyle Shanahan never used Lance enough. Obviously when he was there it just made it harder and harder for the Packers defense. It cannot be limited to a red zone threat. Its use in this game would have been useful for the 49ers. Still, for some reason, Shanahan didn’t want to use it despite Garoppolo’s patchwork and limitations.

Winning or losing against the Packers, the 49ers have pointed out their weaknesses. Take out the midfield and force Garoppolo to throw deep or out of the hashes. Load up the box to force the 49ers into throwing situations. Attack their corners quickly and often. While defensive problems are impossible to correct, it is not impossible to correct them on offense.

The 49ers must pitch Lance.

For another game, Garoppolo didn’t do anything Lance couldn’t. In fact, this is a game Lance would have been the best option for given the state of the game at hand. Even on the 49ers’ last practice, everything was beautifully drawn by Shanahan. It was nothing special that Garoppolo had done.

How many times has a catcher been pierced because of a misplacement of the ball by Garoppolo? Far too many to count. This is unacceptable for a player in Garoppolo’s tenure. He makes rookie mistakes, and at this point you might as well be playing your real rookie.

This loss is the first game that will speed up the time to play Lance.

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