Sterling businesses benefit family of deceased firefighter

STERLING, Ill. (KWQC) – The Sterling community came together on Sunday to help the family of a firefighter who died in the line of duty this month.

The deceased firefighter Lt. Garrett Ramos, along with the rest of the Sterling Fire Department, was a regular at Factory Pub ‘n Grub. It is a few blocks from the train station.

When owner Jared Strader learned of Ramos’ death, he immediately knew he had to do something for his family. Thus, he organized a breakfast for the benefit of the fund of the University of the girls of Ramos.

“His daughters… meant everything to him. I just wanted to do something that probably would have made him very proud. Strader said. “It’s just to let this family know that we’re there for them… I don’t think they really care about the money, it’s more about the support.”

A few other businesses in the region have stepped in to give back as well. Brother Daryl’s, a breakfast restaurant in Sterling, has closed for the day in order to help.

“A lot of our customers really stepped up and helped… It was obvious to us,” said owner Tony Walters. “It was pretty neat.”

Starbucks in Sterling donated coffee and Blooms-A-Latte in Phrophetstown stepped in with flowers to benefit the family as well.

Blooms-A-Latte director Olivia Mettler said she was happy to see Sterling supporting Ramos’ family.

“See the impact his death had on Sterling and see… how it affected so many people,” Mettler said. “It brought this whole community together. It was just great to be a part of that.

Walters said giving the family of a former classmate is Sterling’s raison d’être.

“He’s a hometown hero… a hometown kid,” Walters said. “I mean he did a job most of us can’t do.”

According to Strader, The Factory Pub ‘n Grub sold around 1,000 meals for the benefit of the Ramos family.

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