Spanish for Heritage Speakers Classes Benefit Students of Any Major

Luis Fernando Restrepo

¡Mi lengua, mi community!

The U of A’s Spanish program offers three levels of courses for students who grew up in Spanish-speaking homes. Heritage speakers can earn credit for all basic Spanish courses (SPAN 1003, 1013, 2003 and 2013) when taking a higher level course. Most importantly, they can easily complete a minor or double major in Spanish, adding valuable credentials to their professional portfolio. Spanish is needed in virtually every industry in the United States today, and it can mean higher incomes.

Heritage speakers can also take Spanish courses in Latin Education (SPAN 4563), Business (SPAN 4333), Health Professions (SPAN 4583) or Translation and Interpretation (SPAN 3883), as well as other courses that would enhance their understanding of their cultural heritage and richness. cultural and literary traditions. These courses have a service-learning component that will build your CV and provide key professional contacts.

There is also a Fast Track Exam for Heritage Lecturers where students can earn a six hour credit and save a considerable amount on tuition.

Fall 2022 courses

  • SPAN 2123 Heritage Speakers I MWF 8:35 a.m.
  • SPAN 3123 Heritage Speakers II MWF 9:40 a.m.
  • SPAN 4123 Heritage Speakers III MWF 10:45 a.m.

To review their Spanish language options and for assistance in finding the right course level to take, students may contact Advisors for Spanish Heritage Speakers, Professors Luis Fernando Restrepo ([email protected]), Manuel Olmedo Gobante ([email protected]) and Violeta Lorenzo Feliciano ([email protected]).

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