Solidarity is vital to overcome crises, says Swiss president to UN – Expat Guide to Switzerland


Guy Parmelin, who this year holds the rotating presidency of Switzerland, called for solidarity to tackle global environmental and trade issues.

Addressing the United Nations general assembly in New York, Parmelin said the Covid pandemic had entrenched protectionist policies and exposed the vulnerability of global production and delivery chains.

He called for the availability of all anti-Covid vaccines and underlined Switzerland’s contribution to the international Covax initiative.

Parmelin also called for better access to education for women and children around the world and highlighted the contribution of science to prepare for future challenges.

Common solutions

His speech on Tuesday struck an unusually personal note, as he referred to his experience as a winemaker.

“In the event of hail or frost, Swiss winegrowers help each other and call on the insurance funds to which they have contributed. When a crisis affects entire regions, or even the planet, solidarity must be global and solutions common ”, he declared.

Parmelin and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis are present in New York. The two-week high-level meeting brings together more than 100 heads of state or government.

Neutral Switzerland, which joined the UN in 2002, is a candidate for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for 2023/24.

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