SKUTOPIA brings three basic offers to benefit online

Sydney, Australia, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SKUTOPIA has tabled three core offerings to help accelerate e-commerce businesses and make order processing easier for them.

Interestingly, the company was founded in an e-commerce hub. This gave him crucial insights into working with people ranging from small businesses to large corporations. The company understands the challenges that businesses have to go through, but is also aware of the opportunities that regularly arise for online businesses. He leverages this information to ensure his clients have scalable options to help them perform at their best.

And that’s how SKUTOPIA has earned the trust of some of the biggest brands such as Workit Spaces, Theseeke, Floraly and PetzPark. Its three cutting-edge e-commerce solutions are designed to transform online businesses and help them scale to greater heights of success. Some of the advantages of the services offered by the company include the ability to manage the execution in-house.

One of the company’s key offerings includes the SKUTOPIA SAAS platform which can lead to seamless scalability for e-commerce businesses. This order, shipment and inventory management software is designed to meet the needs of everyone, from startups to large multinational brands. This platform is easy to use with its all-in-one interface and real-time data synchronization features.

To get started with the software, businesses can connect their store through Shopify integration in three simple steps that don’t involve any coding. They can automatically sync orders to see product and delivery status in one place. SKUTOPIA software also facilitates operations by helping companies create pick lists, manifests and also print labels for shipping. Reduced shipping rates in certain countries are another advantage, as well as the ability to ship and track orders without any problems.

In fact, the company has also made it possible for online businesses to grow faster by offering same-day delivery services. With the service, businesses can put their customers in control of their orders and ensure fast, priority deliveries. They can access multiple couriers, including its same-day delivery network, allowing them to get their products into the hands of their customers immediately.

Finally, the company also offers greener fulfillment solutions for businesses to improve the customer experience. They now have the option of shipping their products to SKUTOPIA at reduced rates. They can also integrate with sales channels and the company receives inventory and performs quality checks. SKUTOPIA will also print the companies’ brand logos on each package to ensure that it always displays the company’s brand at every step of the process. Thanks to delivery tracking and notifications, it allows businesses to stay informed at all times.

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Founded in an e-commerce center itself, the company understands the needs of online businesses and has earned their trust by offering comprehensive services including inventory, order, shipping and warehouse management, all in one. only place.


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