Saba Karim thinks Virat Kohli can overcome ‘bad passage’ with better application

Former Indian wicket keeper Saba Karim said Virat Kohli can overcome his poor run if he shows better application and focus, especially against deliveries outside the strain.

Even though India beat South Africa by 113 runs at Centurion, Kohli’s period of leanness continued as he was sacked for 35 and 18. In both cases he perished on wide deliveries. apart from the stump.

Speaking ahead of the second test at the Wanderers, Karim stressed that bowlers are targeting Kohli outside of the strain, so it is up to the Indian captain to make the necessary adjustments. Karim said in the Kheelneeti podcast:

“Bowlers know they can increase their chances of firing Virat Kohli by bowling at fifth or sixth strain. It’s not like Kohli isn’t making an effort to overcome his weakness. ”

“If you throw ten bullets at him outside the stump, he’ll leave them alone. However, when you throw ten deliveries at the stumps, and then throw a wider one, he ends up following it. That’s where Kohli must work on it. “

The 54-year-old added of Kohli’s lack of big scores in recent seasons:

“It all depends on the selection of shots and how strong your temperament is. Kohli’s mindset has always been to beat aggressively. But he needs to visualize how tempted he is by off-stump deliveries and be firm that he’s not going to come out with those bullets.

Karim continued:

“There is no shortcoming in Kohli’s technique. There’s no reason he can’t convert those 30s. I’m sure Kohli will get over the rough patch. Dravid has gone through similar phases so I’m sure he will share his experiences.

Kohli has an impressive record in Johannesburg, where the second test begins on Monday. He scored 310 points in two tests with an average of 77.5 and best of 119.

“India should continue with five bowlers” – Saba Karim

As the Wanderers’ test nears, it has been reported that India is considering playing an additional hitter instead of versatile Shardul Thakur. However, according to Karim, India should stick with five bowlers because it suits them best. The former player explained:

“India should continue with five bowlers. When you play with five bowlers, you can give your main bowlers a rest. Shardul Thakur has a strange wicket-grabbing ability. ”

“In the first innings at Centurion he made the breakthrough at the right time. He looks harmless. But he’s a very smart pitcher. He came out early (in the 1st test), but he’s a hitter. reliable lower order. “

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Karim concluded:

“This five-player model works for India within the country as well as SENA countries. I don’t see a reason to change.

India is chasing history in Johannesburg. A victory in the match will allow them to record their first triumph in the Test Series in South Africa.

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