Rendina from Kalispell Glacier signs up for the army

KALISPELL – This time of year, Montana seniors are declaring where they will play football for the next four years. But for Kalispell Glacier’s Jake Rendina, it wasn’t just about the next four years, but preparing him for the rest of his life. Rendina announced her engagement to perform for the United States Military Academy (Army) on November 29.

“I realized how academically high level it is, collegially it is high level, from a football point of view and then from a career point of view it is high level. the whole thing and you have an amazing thing that you have going for yourself and that’s why I think I made my decision, ”said Rendina.

Being at the forefront in everything he does is what Rendina lives for. He was Glacier’s star running back throughout his high school career, recording 3,754 rushing yards and 62 touchdowns throughout his high school career.

“I would say it took a lot of hard work in the weight room, the classroom, being a leader on and off the court to have that opportunity to go to West Point,” said Rendina.

Not only did he juggle the demands of being a football student-athlete, he also competed and excelled nationally in weightlifting, so Rendina learned the discipline at a young age. The same discipline that he will now have to excel off the field in the Army.

“Genetically I think it’s kind of ingrained in me and I wanted to go through life. I wanted to play Division I college football and I knew what it would take,” Rendina said.

Rendina’s desire to always be better is what Glacier head coach Grady Bennett admired most, saying Jake’s athleticism was just a bonus.

“Jake was always taller and stronger than most kids and obviously very talented, but he still worked his cock, as evidenced by what he accomplished in the weight room and then on the football field,” Bennett said. “He worked so hard to be awesome. And again, to push himself through and accomplish what he has accomplished. It makes us all very proud.”

And while high school soccer players prepare to wear a new logo for Jake, it goes a lot further because with his school logo he will be carrying the flag.

“I am very proud of the Pledge of Allegiance, my whole family is doing it. This is Montana. I am extremely proud to wear these stripes and I will always be proud to wear these stripes, ”said Rendina.

“To see him grow up as a leader and then think that he will take him to the army and be a leader of our country. Once again, so proud of himself as a football player, but even more so as a young man and any young man who wants to take a stand for our country and do what is right and represent the stars and the stripes ”, a Bennett said.

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