Ramiz Raja coming as president would benefit domestic cricket


Pakistani drummer Kamran Akmal has expressed his opinion on rumors that Ramiz Raja will take over as PCB chairman and explained the benefits. The regime of current PCB chairman Ehsan Mani is scheduled to end on August 25 under the terms.

Pakistani commentator and former captain Ramiz Raja has been rumored to replace Ehsan Mani as the next president of the PCB. Ramiz Raja has also not been much involved in commentary duties over the past two months and it may well be a blessing in disguise for the Pakistani side if he is named PCB chairman.

Ramiz Raja. (Photo: Twitter)

Kamran Akmal believes Ramiz Raja will solve financial problems

Kamran Akmal said Ramiz Raja becoming president could benefit the Pakistani national setup which has struggled to attract good players in recent times. He also added that Ramiz Raja, a former cricketer, knows the needs of the teams and will solve the current financial issues.

“He hasn’t been a commentator for the last two series and that has given us signals for the future. A cricketer entering as president would benefit national cricket. It will bring in money.

“There has been a lot of talk about making money by marketing so that players get money. The arrival of Ramiz (Raja) Bhai will financially benefit the players. Maybe the teams could improve too. Management could also improve because he himself was a captain. Kamran Akmal told Cricket Pakistan.

Kamran Akmal, PSL
Kamran Akmal. Image credits: Twitter

Kamran Akmal believes cricketers should be created locally

Kamran Akmal mentioned that the development of cricket in a country should start at the local level and he wanted everyone to work on this aspect to be successful at the international level. He added that Ramiz Raja would be the perfect foil to do the job on this.

Cricket is not improving internationally. If you want good cricketers, you have to make them locally. Unfortunately, no one has paid attention to it lately. This is why lower level cricketers are ignored. We’ve all seen how sensitive he (Ramiz Raja) is to cricket with his words. It’s time to talk now ”, he added.

Pakistani team
Pakistani team (Image credit: Twitter)

Ramiz Raja played for Pakistan in 57 tests and 198 ODIs from 1984 to 1997.

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