Punjabi man who has never been to the gym creates Guinness world record for most push-ups with applause

Kuwar Amritbir Singh, a fitness enthusiast from Gurdaspur district in Punjab who has apparently never been to a gym, has achieved Guinness World Records for performing the most push-ups in one minute.

His remarkable achievement stunned many as he completed 45 push-ups in sixty seconds while adopting a tough training regimen to achieve his record. The 20-year-old performed finger push-ups and clapping after each dive, which made his task even more difficult.

In an interview with Times Now, Kuwar explained his preparation for the challenge. He put in four hours of practice every day for 21 days to accomplish the feat. On a daily basis, he starts his day at 4 am and trains for two hours in the morning and then trains for two hours in the evening.

Kuwar believes that a gym or fancy equipment is not a requirement to be a successful fitness athlete. He made his necessary training equipment from bricks, empty bottles, cement, iron rods and other materials. The fitness sensation also mentioned that his diet consisted of simple foods and he didn’t consume any protein supplements.

“I don’t use protein supplements. I only eat what is cooked at home. Curds, milk, butter and ghee are constant in my diet,” Kuwar said.

The youngster, from the village of Umarwala in Batala, started his fitness journey at the age of 16. Kuwar etched his name in World Records India after performing 118 Knuckle pushups in one minute. He also holds the Indian Book of Records title for becoming the youngest individual to perform 35 push-ups in 30 seconds.

A final year student in physical education at Gurunanak Dev University, Kuwar is also a social media influencer. The young aspirant has over 1 lakh followers on his Instagram handle, where he constantly posts fitness and workout videos for his fans.

Kuwar is on a mission to inspire more young people to fitness and he has proven that all it takes to stay fit and healthy is absolute dedication and determination rather than a gym or any other equipment of sophisticated bodybuilding.

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