PREVIEW – Alex McGuinness – We Are What We Overcome

A SHOW about the importance of mental health for middle-aged men. A personal journey on the need to put yourself first.

McGuinness created the show to reach out and help middle-aged men struggling with their mental health (image courtesy of Josh Beardsley)

Mental well-being is often a matter locked away and hidden under a bridge in an intangible land which means it is non-existent. Especially for middle-aged men.

Matt McGuiness returns to the Fringe to reflect on his experience with this overlooked issue. A problem that led him to the lowest point of his life: wanting to commit suicide.

In We Are What We Overcome, McGuiness takes the audience through the many phases of her life. From the constant need for a psychiatrist to exasperating situations with his in-laws.

By dint of self-mockery and original songs, he builds a safe environment for listeners.

A performance that reminds you that there is so much hidden behind closed doors.

McGuiness has spoken openly for the first time about her experience at the 2018 Fringes Festival.

He regularly supports the Samaritans.

Next February he will be touring the UK, supported by Arts Council England, with his bandmates Matt McGuiness and the MLC.

You can enjoy this whimsical show on crucial topics from August 5 at Space @ Symposium Hall.

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