Oulton BSB: Irwin and Day enjoying their second Triumph outing

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Photo: Bonnie Lane

A compressed pre-season saw a pair of Triumph Street Triple RS road bikes turned into Quattro British Supersport ready weapons in just nine weeks in a row by the Astro JJR Triumph team.

A testing schedule that included little more than a few snowy laps at Donington plus a huge crash in Spain that knocked out driver Shane Richardson with serious hand injuries left the Silverstone team down one man and knowing that it would be as much a test weekend as a race weekend – the focus was on developing quality bikes for the coming season rather than outright results.

So coming away with three comfortable top ten finishes was a result that even a second race DNF couldn’t cushion and the team heads to Oulton this weekend in spirited spirit, although there is no no doubt as to the scale of the challenge the highly technical track will pose for new bikes without the benefit of the historical baseline data of the circuit.

“Silverstone was a brilliant weekend,” said Rhys Irwin who took 6th place in race one before dropping out of 5th place at the end of race two. “We made a lot of progress from the start and took a huge step forward with the bike for race two, ironing out a chatter issue that had been really giving us headaches.

“It’s a shame that race two was cut short for me and the result didn’t fully reflect the progress we had made. To be honest, I came away gutted, I wasn’t on the podium, but we’re in a great position – if we can keep improving like this, we can have a very competitive bike.

Josh Day, who finished 10th and 7th respectively, was equally optimistic. “I’m really happy with the first day in the new office last week at Silverstone and how everything went, especially considering the start of this project with the Triumph Street Triple RS.”

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