Operation School Bell works to overcome supply chain issues to help dress children | News

(KCTV) – Helping the children of Northland to stand a little taller in the classroom — This is what Operation Bell School is working to do.

Operation School Bell, a program of the Assistance League, helps 2,500 disadvantaged students per year in nine districts. The group often holds events where students can choose clothes, socks, underwear, shoes, health kits, and even books.

“These kids come in and they don’t necessarily have warm clothes,” said Traci Bertz, Operation School Bell co-chair. “They sometimes come in shorts and short sleeves, and shoes that are brother, sister — too small, too big. So we help them provide them with age-appropriate clothing and size for the weather. . “

Even something as simple as a new shirt can seem to be life changing for some kids.

“When they came back from Operation School Bell, they were walking taller. There were smiles on their faces,” said Rita Pickering, former president of the Assistance League.

But supply chain issues have made the operation more difficult this year.

“Our shelves are sort of empty at this point, which makes it more difficult for us to fit each child,” Bertz said. “We’re now halfway through our program and our shelves are really starting to empty.”

Operation Bell School still has a thousand children to serve. Even with limited resources, Pickering said they remain committed to the cause, knowing the impact ripples beyond closets and classrooms.

“My greatest hope in all of this is that we touch as many lives as possible, that we impact them not only now, but in the future so that they can move forward and be productive citizens in our community.” , said Pickering.

If you would like to help support Operation School Bell, click here to donate money or volunteer at the site at 6101 N. Chestnut Ave., Gladstone, MO (816-453-6311).

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