Norwayne allowance raises $ 31,000 for medical needs of two families

Norwegian School Board of Local Schools

Regular session, November 22

KEY ACTION The local school district of Norwayne has had a variety of good news to report as it celebrates “normalcy” across the district.

KEY DISCUSSION Norwayne Superintendent Kevin Leatherman and District Administrators reported “a lot of good, positive things back to normal”.

COVID-19 has been less of a problem in Norwegian local schools than in some other districts.

“We were able to come to school, stay in session and didn’t see any widespread cases (COVID-19 cases),” Leatherman said. “Attendance is good. “

“It’s nice to be back in person,” he said.

Norwegian students were also able to help their community.

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FFA allowance raises $ 31,000 for medical needs

A recent benefit from the FFA raised more than $ 31,000 with a “big hit” dinner and a silent live auction.

Funds raised will go to Carol Norman, wife of Norwayne High School teacher Scott Norman, and Terry Valentine, longtime transportation coordinator and bus driver, for assistance with medical needs.

The fundraiser has been going on for at least 10 years, Leatherman said, to benefit local families.

The Veterans Day commemoration was able to be held in person this year as Norwayne hosted around 140 veterans. The National Honor Society hosted the event with a breakfast provided by the FFA.

Another upcoming community service for the district will be to develop Baskets of Hope in conjunction with the Lions Club and the local Methodist Church. The groups will collaborate on a collection of canned goods to which will be added milk, eggs and other perishables.

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Norwegian bobcats

Other discussion: Volleyball coach

FURTHER DISCUSSION – The council listened to parents discuss the employment of volleyball coach Brianna Indorf as part of the district “considering whether or not to hire another coach,” Leatherman said. “We had this discussion about going in a different direction” with the program and the coach, he said. “We told him about a different direction.”

“She had completed her contract for the year,” Leatherman said.

No action by the board has been taken, he said. Not all school boards renew additional contracts each year as part of the hiring process and then approve new contracts in a separate process.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Leatherman said Norwayne High School’s robotics course, new this year, took third place in a recent competition.

The teaching of robotics has extended from its initiation in eighth grade to high school.

The primary school organized a Literacy Night. “Literacy has been a big priority,” Leatherman said, especially in the lower grades due to academic problems resulting from the pandemic.

“It’s been a priority of mine since taking over (as superintendent),” Leatherman said.

FOLLOWING Regular Session, 4:20 p.m. December 20, Norwayne High School, 350 S. Main St., Creston

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