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Noelia celebrates Joe Carollo’s crushing victory in Miami | Instagram

A few hours ago, singer Noelia shared a post on Instagram, which refers to the triumph of Joe carollo, will for the second time become Commissioner of Miami in the United States.

For a few days that the famous singer has been sharing the content of the candidate, she has shown her full support, because she has had the chance to help others and the work she has done has been one of the most complete in her management.

This is surely why Noelia was sure to support him, as she seeks to have friends who, like her, work hard and above all who help others unconditionally, taking advantage of her political position.

My friend !! … My dear friend Joe Carollo, he is the best politician in Miami, someone who always works for his people and for the good of his community, ”wrote Noelia.

You can imagine the great job he did as the Miami Commissioner, which got the community re-elected again, there is no doubt that by doing his job well and with love he brought good results. .

Noelia celebrates Joe Carollo’s resounding victory in Miami | Courtesy

Carollo competed in District 3 of Miami in the United States, according to the results of the votes he managed to get over 64% beating his opponents, more than sixty percent of the company supported him immediately.

There is no doubt that as mentioned Noelia In one of his videos he was the best option they had and they established it that way, the votes were cast on November 1 and on that day they celebrated their triumph.

The Cuban-American politician was born in Caibarién on March 11, 1955, managed to be mayor twice, from 1996 to 1997, then from 1998 to 2001.

Carollo has been living in Miami since he was 15, he surely took a strong affection for this place so he defends and supports it in whatever is needed, he has over three decades of experience in politics so he knows how to handle himself perfectly. for said environment.

It is impressive to know that after 16 years of absence from politics he has made a triumphant return to this post, there is no doubt that the good deeds he has done in the past have not been forgotten.

You will surely have the support of society for a long time, and among them that of the beautiful singer and businesswoman.

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