New local non-profit saves horses

The mission of Pride and Joy Rescue is to help prevent horses from being sent to slaughter.

FARGO, ND (KVRR) – Pride and Joy is a new organization aimed at preventing horses from being killed.

“We have saved chickens in the house right now which we have integrated with the other chickens. We have welcomed dogs by the side of the road. We even had a few friends in high school and college, ”said Ashlee Faulkner, director of community outreach for Pride & Joy Rescue.

A family is known to open its doors to everyone. The Faulkners extend their family to horses in need.

“They need a home. They need love. They need care. Just like a dog or a cat or a human or a child. They should be loved and respected like any other animal, ”said Connie Faulkner, co-owner of Pride and Joy Rescue.

The mission of Pride and Joy Rescue is to help prevent horses from being sent to slaughter.

“The first thing we do when they arrive is that they are quarantined and that is to make sure that they are not sick to affect the herd with any illness that they might have. But it is also to help them decompress because we do not know what they went through. You don’t know where they’re from, ”Connie said.

The association offers medical visits, food, shelter and training, especially for those who have suffered trauma.

“Anytime you look at any of these guys anytime. You know a band in my shirt, a sound or tone in my voice, or maybe it’s the color of the flag or a string that comes towards them they can snap just as fast. You have to work with that behavior. Show them that everything is fine, “said Ryan Sherbrooke, volunteer coordinator for Pride & Joy Rescue.

Rob explains that each horse adjusts at different speeds.

“It’s fun to see them take a big step forward and make them healthier,” Rob said.

The association is looking for sponsors to help them, especially as the drought conditions continue.

“Anyone who’s gone to buy horses is going to start going. I can’t feed this horse. I have no hay. I can’t have hay. There are going to be more horses in the slaughter pipeline, ”said Connie.

There are two horses available for adoption on their website. Connie says they’re looking for committed people who really want to work to take care of the horses. Project Ray is coming to visit the horses on July 26th.

Click on here to access the Pride & Joy Rescue adoption page.

Click on here make a donation.

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