New Book Offers Practical Ways to Conquer Personal Demons Through Inspirational Personal Experiences That Touch Every Heart

Today, all over the world, millions of people are going through or have gone through some form of struggle with their inability to look at themselves straight in the mirror and tell themselves the truth that they deserve to know. This has only contributed to the increase in the number of broken people all over the world. In many cases, victims turn to drugs and alcohol for a momentary respite from the pains of their emotional illness.

In this book, The Lies I Told Myself: Only Truth Can Set You Free, author Sandra Jean Charite returns with another inspiring book highlighting some of the lies that would consume much of her life until she be embraced by the truth that will make her the woman she is today.

The Lies I Told Myself: Only Truth Can Set You Free is an emotional journey deep into the soul. Sandra uses the scriptures to remind her of God’s incredible love and grace to His people, including the broken. This book provides light in the dark and inspiration for those who have been forced to endure similar situations like parental divorce, understanding God’s will, grief, spiritual brokenness and maturity, rejection , disappointment, grief, depression and bitterness.

In The Lies, I Told Myself: Only Truth Can Set You Free, Sandra shares that she learned to overcome her demons and defeat the web of lies she had told herself. Her journey of learning to ignore the deceptions we tell ourselves and embrace the truth is a soul awakening experience that is sure to inspire many.

To quote part of the book, “Every heartache, disappointment, rejection, or failure in my life, I made up a story or a lie in my head to make everything seem better. Those lies got in my way until I realize that only the truth can set me free from the battlefield in my mind. This is indeed a powerful book and a must-read for anyone who wants to be honest with themselves.

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Sandra Jean Charite is originally from Miami. At a young age, Sandra showed a strong interest in writing. While other young people spent the majority of their time outdoors playing with their friends on the streets of Little Haiti, Miami, Sandra was in her bedroom lost in her dreams and wrote stories. Sandra’s mother noticed her interest in writing and bought her daughter’s first journal, which she filled with stories, monologues, poems and letters to God.

Although Sandra grew up in the church, she was reluctant to have a personal relationship with God. This led Sandra to leave the church when she was still a teenager and she swore never to return. During this period, she had to face many difficulties including the loss of her mother, rejection, disappointment, unemployment and other obstacles which led her to believe that her life was empty without God. . Sandra then gave her life to Christ and continued to spread her gift of writing.

This Haitian-American author is dedicated to ministry and serving God to the fullest. Sandra’s first published book, Broken Crayons Still Color, came out in 2016. She poured her soul out into a series of poems and stories. Then she published her second book of poetry, Picking Up My Pearls from the Altar. Each of his books invokes a mature level of transparency.

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