Natassia Wright of Mind Food, from tragedy to triumph

Co-founder of Mind Food International, Natassia Wright has reached undeniable heights as a human resources and leadership consultant, United Nations (NGO) Peace Ambassador, recipient of the Governor General’s Award after experiencing the tragic loss of her two parents at the age of 17, living in poverty and overcoming obstacles in business to now hire 100 employees.

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] – Natassia Wright, appointed United Nations Peace Ambassador – NGO in October 2020. Ambassador Wright’s story is one of her upbringing is one of immense tragedy and triumph. When she was 10, her home in her hometown of Allman Town was burned down due to electrical problems. About 8 months after his father was burned, a policeman was shot and killed in the line of duty. At age 16, while taking her CXC exams, her mother died of an asthma attack. Although going through negative circumstances, Natassia still managed to receive all 8 cxc subjects with marks in one and two. Just when you’d think it couldn’t get any worse, her grandmother who cared for her and her brother died soon after of a cancerous tumor.

Natassia Wright

When asked “What keeps you going?” she replied, “I have huge support from my husband and my daughter. They constantly remind me that I have to keep going. I still have very low and hard days. But, I know people are counting on me to show off. Mostly to provide them with some form of inspiration so they can continue their journey”

Growth of mental nourishment

Natassia and Mind Food have had a successful 2021 despite the many COVID-19 related issues people are facing. His company Mind Food International is a leadership development and human resources consulting firm. She managed to travel abroad throughout the year to speak at several seminars, conferences and other trainings. She mentioned that whenever face-to-face was not possible, she and her husband Jamar would welcome corporate bodies and various businesses, even churches through online platforms.

Mind Food International was also able develop in the field of recruitment being facilitated by his HR expertise which has caught fire in the Jamaican corporate space. Their recruitment services are known to fill management positions in as little as 7-14 business days. The company recently hired 100 employees to strengthen its operations.

Despite Natassia’s success, her greatest quality is her desire to be impactful yet humble. She rarely talks about accomplishments, but focuses on keep a good attitude through times of adversity.

Connect with Natassia Wright

Natassia Wright and Mind Food International can be found on Instagram @natassiawright and @mindfood_01, [email protected], Youtube: natassiawright and

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