myTeam Triumph has a lasting impact on Wausau Marathon participants

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Established in 2010, myTeam Triumph Wisconsin is a non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities participate in running, biking and triathlon events. Today they competed in this year’s Wausau Marathon, which is their biggest event in the region.

One of the primary goals of myTeam Triumph is to help people with disabilities connect with people who are able-bodied. With an event like the marathon, the organization believes it is the perfect environment to fulfill its mission.

“One of the great things about endurance racing is that people don’t think about the racing chair, the wheelchair, it’s not about how you look or your level of ability,” says Christian Jensen, director myTeam Triumph Wisconsin Executive. “Everyone has a start line and a finish line, it’s an equalizer, and people connect as a team in the race.”

One participant in particular, Violet, ran her second marathon. For her and her family, there is great appreciation for the work of myTeam Triumph which benefits all families involved.

“Whenever we want to participate in an event, they are usually always there, they give us chairs to run around,” says Mike Imhoff, Violet’s father-in-law. “It’s like a family atmosphere. So, it’s really nice to jump in there and participate and be with all the others who are in the same situation as us.

Thanks to myTeam Triumph, the impact they leave on their participants is something that lasts forever.

“One of the things we hear a lot from family members is that this may be the first time someone’s cheering for their son or daughter,” Jensen says. “And I think sometimes we forget the power of encouragement. And that person crossing the finish line to receive a medal, people cheering for them, people cheering for their name…I mean, it’s something they’ll never forget.

Violet’s family say she loves the outdoors. There are also talks of involving him in his school’s running club with his friends next year.

To learn more about how to volunteer and get involved with myTeam Triumph Wisconsin, Click here.

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