Mom hit by benefit cuts forced to use food banks to feed her eight children

A mother affected by benefit cuts said she was forced to use food banks to feed her eight children.

Marie Buchan, 39, says her money has been cut by around £ 160 a week since her two eldest children are now over 16.

She called the situation a “big struggle” for the family with children aged 20, 18, 16, 15, 13, 11, 10 and eight.

Marie told Birmingham Live: “Two of my daughters are now over 16, so I have seen my allowances, like family allowance and the tax credit, reduced.

“I’m around £ 160 a week worse now. It’s a struggle and I use food banks just to survive. I mostly live in food banks right now.

“You have to do what you have to do to survive and I’m so grateful that I can turn to them. They save my life and so many other people.

Marie also fears that she will never be able to find a job because of the “octoum” label that has been awarded to her.

She added: “Unfortunately I was given the nickname Octomum and it stuck. It definitely prevents me from finding a job.

“I applied for several positions. Employers seem enthusiastic at first, but when they realize who I am, I am rejected.

“I’m afraid I will never be able to shake off the octomum label.”

Last month, Marie revealed how she received horrific online abuse from haters who tell her she is “shit” and say they “hope she dies”.

Marie said: “Some of the abuse I get is just plain despicable. They call me a parasite, like *** and they“ hope I die soon. ”Others say I’m a“ thief ”and I I had threats from men to come get me and “teach me a lesson.”

“It can be hell sometimes. I don’t know what people take away from being so horrible, but they just must be getting sick kicks.

“It is sometimes very difficult to read this stuff and horrible for children too. When you feel weak it can really make you sink even lower.

“It has to stop. People don’t understand the impact on someone who is in the spotlight. I have already contacted the police because of the threats.”

Marie lives in a condominium. She is currently on benefits, but is looking for work and has taken several courses.

In January, Marie revealed that she had isolated herself at home with coronavirus when she fell extremely ill and was hospitalized.

An ambulance was dispatched to her home and the mother was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where she was placed on a drip.

She recounted how she thought she was going to die as she coughed up blood and suffered from coughing fits, but luckily she made it through.

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