Mixing humor, fantasy and tactics, Fort Triumph is appearing on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch


Fort Triomphe looks great fun. Combining turn-based tactics with fantasy worlds and the consideration that permanent death is always on the horizon – all with a little fun added for good measure – it just might appeal to many.

Available for purchase and download now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Fort Triumph from CookieByte Entertainment has been happily delivering its humor-infused turn-based tactics to Steam for about a year or so. years already, but now is the time for console gamers to have the opportunity to experience the same strange world.

It comes to console in collaboration with All in! Games, offering a rather unique take on the usual tactical elements that could fry your brain. Described as part XCOM and partly Heroes of Might and Magic III, you will decide for yourself exactly what kind of challenge you need. It will allow you to explore worlds, build cities, collect items, upgrade heroes, and – best of all – use a variety of physics in order to influence your surroundings.

With both a story mode and a skirmish present, it looks like both angles are covered equally when it comes to game length. So whether you’re looking for the biggest of adventures or a bit of downtime, Strong Triumph might just be enough.

The main features can be found at …

  • ● Use your surroundings: every tree or rock is a potential weapon in combat.
  • ● Strategy: choose between four factions and four classes. Build your base, gather resources, and teach your characters new skills!
  • ● Develop Your Heroes: Obtain cross-class traits and skills to make your heroes unique every time you play!
  • ● Explore Procedurally Generated Maps: Fort Triumph offers flexible world maps with varying locations and events. Each battle calls for a new plan.
  • ● Turn up the volume: Marco Valerio Antonini, an award-winning composer, created the original music for the game.

We’ll have a full review of how Fort Triumph plays out on Xbox Series X | S for you in the coming days. If you’ve been sold locally – I mean, the humor, the tactics, the whimsy most definitely work for us – just go to Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or the Nintendo Online Store. It is also on To smoke, obviously.

Description of the game:

Fort Triumph is a fantastic turn-based tactics game where permanent death is a possibility anytime. How’s that for the pressure? Lead a group of heroes with different skills through a witty parody fantasy storyline. Missions with varied objectives await you on tiled procedural maps, whether story mode or skirmish, get ready for a great adventure.

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