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PINEVILLE, Mo. – Substitute teachers are hard to come by these days, and a southwestern Missouri school district is doing what it can to combat the problem.

Normally, the McDonald County School District has about 60 substitute teachers to choose from.

But with a statewide shortage, it currently has only 20.

Thus, principals like Adam Lett of Pineville Elementary found themselves filling this gap.

“We couldn’t find someone who could work half a day because he was being used in another capacity so I had to replace him, we had a few other staff who dropped out of their project. . time to be able to cover this teacher, ”said Adam Lett – Principal of Pineville Elementary School.

While Lett is happy to help fellow teachers and students by doing this, he adds that it can create challenges as well.

“When you have to cover a classroom because a teacher can’t come in and you have a shortage of submarines, it creates an imposition because you aren’t able to take those phone calls or answer them. to the needs of the school, ”Lett said.

Replacing administrators are one solution – other times classrooms have gone from as few as 15 students to as many as 30 to help fill the shortage.

“There were a couple of times we had to do this, where we had to combine classes and that makes the classroom and class size a lot bigger than we would like,” said Ken Shutten – McDonald County Schools Communications and Media coordinator.

With the shortage, Ken Shutten says now is the best time to make a difference.

“It’s an opportunity for you to be able to help kids grow up and help them understand and learn things, and it’s a great opportunity to get involved,” said Shutten.

To address this issue, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will launch a 20-hour online training course this fall.

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