Magnolia North South All Star match seeks to unite athletes in the game

DECATUR, Mississippi (WTOK) – The Magnolia North South All Star Game will be the first All Star game to feature senior soccer players from private and public schools.

The All-Star Game will feature senior athletes from Schools 1a-6a. This is the first time that an All-Star Game will feature this wide range of talent from both private and public schools.

All Star Game organizer Kiery Stribling said: “This is the first time that a game has featured a private school and a public school at the same time. So that’s what makes it very special. We’re trying to bring a new flavor to the All Star Games in Mississippi and the All Star Games just period. Just trying to throw in some new little wrinkles and get the kids out of private schools was the biggest. Because we feel like, especially with this year, with how Gatorade Player of the Year was a private school player this year and for him not being able to play the Mississippi Alabama game, I have the feel like there should be a game that everyone can do that if you don’t accomplish what you need to accomplish in high school, I feel like it should be a game where everyone can show off their talents an last time.

The main goal of the game is simply to bring the athletes together.

Stribling said, “When you go to college, nobody asks if you went to 1A school, or nobody asks if you went to private school. If you’re on the Mississippi state football team, you can’t tell if it was a private school or a public school. I just want to be the area where everyone is accepted.

The game will start at noon on December 30, 2021. Tickets are $ 10.

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