Long-term Covid sufferers to benefit from £ 19.6million investment in research


People with long-lasting Covid are expected to benefit from £ 19.6million in new disease research programs, the government said.

The series of 15 new research studies, supported by government funding through the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), aims to help better understand the disease, improve diagnosis, and find new treatments.

Research from NIHR and UK Research and Innovation shows that up to one in three people diagnosed with Covid continue to have chronic symptoms for months after their initial diagnosis.

The new research projects will allow researchers across the UK to pool their expertise by analyzing the long-term Covid among those suffering from long-term effects and the healthcare and care professionals who support them.

Among the projects will be the largest long-term Covid trial to date, recruiting more than 4,500 people with the disease to test the effectiveness of existing drugs on treating long-lasting symptoms.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid called the research programs a “life-changing” for people with long-standing Covid disease.

He said: ‘Long Covid can have serious and debilitating long-term effects for thousands of people across the UK which can make daily life extremely difficult.

“This new research is absolutely essential for improving diagnosis and treatment and will change the lives of those struggling with the long-term symptoms of the virus.

‘It will build on our existing support, with more than 80 long Covid assessment services open across England as part of a £ 100million expansion of care for people with the disease, and over £ 50million invested in research to better understand the lasting effects of this condition.

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