Living on the go shouldn’t limit dreams


Location and lack of opportunity should not derail dreams and hold back aspirations.

This is the message that Reuben Kubacki wants to convey. He is from Le Pouce. He moved for a while and now lives in Greenleaf Township.

Despite being of the thumb, Kubacki did well and said others can as well. He owns a record label and has performed on stage with some of the greatest groups in hard rock, punk rock and heavy metal. He has been on stage with Rob Zombie, Limp Bizkit, Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth.

He owns and operates his own record company, Voodoo Electric Music. He plays in two groups, Detroit Voodoo and The Whiskey Bottle Blues.

Kubacki plays guitar, harmonica, keyboard and percussion, and sings in both groups. He never took music lessons or singing lessons.

“I have always been passionate about music,” he said. “I’m totally self-taught and that was before the internet. I bought books from thrift stores and garage sales, learned on my own and watched others. It was long before YouTube If you focus on something, even if you live in a rural area like Huron County, Tuscola County, or Sanilac County, you can do it.

“If you have dreams and aspirations, keep an eye on the prize and you can make them come true.”

He has several albums on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and other sites.

Kubacki attributes his success to motivation.

“When you have a passion for something, keep going,” he said. “It may not happen right away, but stay focused on it, and you can accomplish it. I grew up in Bad Ax and graduated there in 1995. I left to pursue my dream and I never looked back.

He is back in Thumbnail to raise his son in a rural area.

“I just want the thumb area kids to know that they can make their dream come true like I did,” he said. “It doesn’t matter where you live.”

His band, Detroit Voodoo, is one of the bands that performed at the Meltdown in Marlette Bacchus Social Club in Marlette on Saturday.

“Usually we don’t do small gigs, especially this way. We normally play in big cities and big concerts, ”Kubacki said.

When he performs with The Whiskey Bottle Blues, they record at Rust Belt Studio in Detroit, which is the same one used by Bob Seeger, Alice Cooper, Kid Rock and Greta Van Fleet. They also used the famous Pearl Sound recording studio.

Looking back on his life, Kubacki thinks that his love for music and maybe part of his talent is in his genes. His great-grandfather played the accordion and was part of polka orchestras.

He also learned from genealogical research that he and Jimmy Trombly (aka Jimmy Bones), who plays the keyboard for Kid Rock, are cousins.

“I guess we are related to the first Polish settlers in Parisville, Ubly, Port Austin and Kinde,” he said.

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