Kristian Krogh Johannessen triumphs in Sutri

Sutri’s Italian Challenge Open went to Norwegian Kristian Krogh Johannessen who, at National Golf (par 71), overtook Dane Oliver Hundeboll on the first hole of the playoffs and celebrated his first career title on the Challenge Tour.

Kristian Krogh Johannessen, Italian Challenge Open

Grand finale for Lorenzo Scalise. Best rookie in the competition, in the last round he signed the lowest score of the day (64, -7), climbing from 28th to 3rd position (his best result of the season).

His score is 274 hits (70 66 74 64, -10). Satisfaction and regret for the 27-year-old Vimercate, who paid dearly for a triple bogey in the third lap that lost him positions and a chance to win. In the last 18 holes, the Lombard – who ranked second in this tournament in 2019 – was the protagonist of a test without bogey, with seven birdies.

“I made a big leap in the order of merit and that makes the week very fruitful – said Scalise -. I’m sorry for the third round, but I recovered well and of course there are many aspects positive to continue for the season.

My goal is to keep working as hard as I do. The terrain turned out to be a great test where you always have to be focused and precise, as the recoveries are difficult. Now I want to keep pushing the accelerator: I will participate in the next three races in France, Austria and Germany.”

In the fourth tournament of the Italian Pro Tour 2022, also on the calendar of the second European men’s circuit, it was Johannessen who won. The 27-year-old from Drammen, with an extra par on the first hole, got the better of Hundeboll (double bogey for him).

The two had closed the regular 72 holes with a total of 273 (-11) shots. The feat earned the Norwegian 56,000 euros against a prize pool of 350,000. Kristian Krogh Johannessen (June 3, 1995) is a Norwegian amateur golfer.

He is a member of the Drammen Golf Club. In 2012, the European Team Championship (ELTK Boys) was held in Sweden, he won the singles final against Germany’s Julian Ballmann with 6&4 but the German team beat Norway 4&3 and finished at 3rd place in the ELTK.[2 ] A week later, Kristian became Norwegian Junior Champion[3] and again a week later he played the Norwegian Challenge on the European Challenge Tour.
In 2013 and 2014 he replayed the Norwegian Challenge and in 2014 he finished in 38th place as the best Norwegian (amateur and professional). He also became second in the National Strokeplay Championship in 2014.

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