Koozie Group Donates Laptops To Help Tampa Bay Area Adults Overcome Addiction


CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – A nationally recognized organization with global headquarters in the Tampa Bay area gives back to help those in need.

“The Koozie Group” is best known for making foam pouches with drinks in it and now they donate laptops to help adults overcome addiction have a better future.

Koozie Group officials said during the global pandemic, many employees were required to work from home.

Now that many are returning to the world headquarters in Clearwater, they wanted to do something special with the laptops they no longer needed.

“We love to give back to employees and give back to our community. We just want to have a positive social impact. We are proud to be able to do this, ”said Erik Dempsey, director of IT systems services for the Koozie Group.

The organization donated 100 laptops to a residential drug and alcohol recovery center in the Bay Area called “A New Direction for Women and Men.” The group works to help people who are alcoholics and drug addicts get back on their feet.

“With all these laptops, I can just… I mean the miracles that are going to happen in people’s lives are phenomenal. It’s just phenomenal. It brings tears to my eyes, ”said Pamela Dixon, Founder and CEO of“ A New Direction for Women and Men ”.

Among many things, these laptops will be used to help people organize AA meetings online, apply for jobs, and reconnect them with friends and family through social media.

“We are very excited and grateful to The Koozie Group for this donation,” said Ashely Nevins, public relations coordinator of “A New Direction for Women and Men”.

“So many things are done online today, like getting a state ID card, Pinellas County insurance, and GED programs,” Dixon said. She continued, “The way these laptops are going to help our people is just amazing! “

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