Kashmir’s struggle to free itself from Indian rule will triumph: Ambassador Munir Akram

UNITED NATIONS: On Kashmir Solidarity Day, Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Munir Akram says he is confident that Kashmir’s struggle will triumph in achieving self-determination and liberation of Indian occupation.

“Kashmir is an inalienable part of the body and soul of Pakistan,” he said in a message to the UN community released Thursday in New York.

“The people of Pakistan have always stood resolutely with their brothers in Kashmir against Indian oppression and aggression. They will continue to do so. »

The Jammu and Kashmir conflict, he said, is the unfinished agenda for self-determination in the South Asian subcontinent. In 1948, UN Security Council resolutions declared that the final decision of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be taken in accordance with the will of its people expressed by a free and impartial plebiscite conducted under the auspices of the United Nations.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan’s strong advocacy for the rights of Kashmiris has revived global recognition of India’s grave human rights abuses in occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” Ambassador Akram said. , adding that it had made the world aware that a just resolution of the dispute was essential. for lasting peace and security in South Asia.

The UN Secretary-General reiterated that the UN position on Jammu and Kashmir is based on the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions, he noted.

In the past two years, the Security Council has met three times to consider the situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, it was pointed out. The President of the UN General Assembly, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other senior UN human rights experts, special rapporteurs and human rights organizations rights have repeatedly expressed their deep concern over the massive atrocities and crimes committed by India in occupied Kashmir.

The Ambassador said that the Permanent Mission of Pakistan in New York will continue to use every opportunity to defend and promote the just struggle of Kashmir for self-determination and to denounce the cruel oppression and naked occupation of Jammu and Cashmere by India.

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