Jack Harlow pays tribute to Pete Davidson in Time 100 Essay

Jack Harlow wrote a heartfelt essay dedicated to his friend Pete Davidson, who was appointed on the Weather List of 100 most influential people of 2022.

Harlow recalls seeing Davidson for the first time during the Roast Comedy Central of Justin Bieber when he was a junior in high school. “He went on the mic, made a joke about his own father’s death during 9/11, and I immediately knew he was a different breed,” he said. wrote. Harlow said he was finally introduced to Davidson years later through a friend on FaceTime, and the two eventually met in person when the comedian pushed him to be on Saturday Night Live.

“I grew up watching the show [SNL] with them [his family] and I have to bring them to the set. My mom was in tears,” Harlow recalled. “The night before the show, I went to Pete’s apartment and he made my friend and I laugh until our stomachs hurt. It felt like an elite comedy of up close and personal.

“We don’t have another one from him,” Harlow said of Davidson. “He’s bold, thoughtful and just plain hilarious. And he’s only 28. An icon with so much more to do.

Davidson reiterated that he was leaving SNL after eight years in what would be his last appearance on “Weekend Update” last weekend. The day before the taping of the Season 47 finale, the comedian wrote a lengthy message shared via his friend and longtime collaborator Dave Sirius’ Instagram account, where he confirmed reports that he was leaving.

Davidson had been absent from SNL for a while filming the horror movie The Housedirected by James DeMonaco, the creator of the Purge franchise. Last year he was selected to play in I slept with Joey Ramone for Netflix where he will play the late leader of the Ramones. Pete will also play a “raw, unwavering, fictionalized version” of himself in a comedy series, produced by Saturday Night Live designer Lorne Michaels.

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