Imran Hasan Shubha: story of an accomplished entrepreneur and digital marketer


Imran Hasan Shubha is a young man from Bangladesh who is an entrepreneur for a digital marketing company and a software company. Imran is very popular among young people for his job ideas and “out of the box” business strategies. “I wanted to accomplish something on my own since I was a kid. I was employed for a short period of my life. I knew how a businessman should handle things, but I chose to do business in another area because I have always been interested in technology, ”says Imran Hasan Shubha.

Imran shares his work experience with us saying, “Previously I worked alone or with a small group of people, but now that number has grown and I have a strong team. I used to do product reviews on various social media companies just out of curiosity, but now I’m the trade ambassador for many brands. I am happy that through my work other entrepreneurs can make their business prosper ”.

Imran Hasan Shubha mentions the challenges faced by an entrepreneur during his career. It initially exists as a front block but eventually becomes more manageable. Imran Hasan Shubha says: “I think every ordinary day is a new challenge for everyone involved in entrepreneurship. I like to take on challenges and maybe that’s how I’m able to get here today. The biggest challenge I faced was doing something that people are often used to. I have done property reviews, e-commerce websites, clothing reviews and many more online. Many didn’t even understand what I was doing, why would anyone need to see them online (smiles). But now everything is connected with online media after the evolution of the Internet. It’s really good to see Bangladesh develop in the tech sector eventually, it will be essential for people like me involved in ICT to work more efficiently. Starting to work online in various industries is no less than any other job either. Thus, the country’s youth should come forward and prepare to face the challenges and risks on their way to build a successful career.

Imran Hasan Shubha shares more of his plans for the future: “I hope to make even better collaborations with more brands and companies. I also want to see my business reach more people in the future and meet more constructive people in my life. For now, I’m also trying to take care of my health and spend more quality time with my family.

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