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Imagine having that stressful feeling that you’re stuck in your life, you can’t seem to move forward or backward, your friends and colleagues are moving forward in their careers, making great strides, achieving success, and opening doors. But you feel like you don’t know what’s going on and you’re unsure of your choices and you start to wonder if you’ll make it. It’s a quarter-life crisis or a midlife crisis.

A quarter-life crisis, according to various online media outlets, is a time of uncertainty and questioning that typically occurs when people feel trapped, uninspired, and disillusioned in their mid-twenties to early twenties. thirties.

Diane Ineza, operations manager at a shipping company, says feeling stuck in a job or career path is normal for everyone, but can also be a challenge.

“Feeling trapped is normal, we all feel it at some point, but it’s a difficult experience because you know you have goals and you want to achieve them, but it’s hard to do, yeah it’s hard but people have to understand that a quarter life crisis is not permanent that’s why it’s a crisis it comes and goes having that one hope it ends helps a person too to be motivated to find solutions to get out of it, it all starts in the head,” she says.

Ineza adds that starting a self-exploration journal can help overcome a quarter-life crisis, regular writing sessions can help spot patterns in feelings and experiences, often making it easier to understand what’s going on. must really change in a person’s life and appreciate what is already working well.

Marius Kabandana, a system developer, says many young people ignore a quarter-life crisis when they are having one to reassure themselves that they are not having one.

“I faced one a few months ago, but I’ll pretend I’m fine and have everything under control. Faking it destroys a person even more because they don’t realize there’s it’s normal to slip back into your twenties or thirties, that’s why a person should face the crisis without shame, taking a break is a way of reflecting.

He continues: “I am not saying to stop working but to take a break from society to find oneself. You can retreat to a quiet place and reflect on yourself from the start of your career, the goals you had and your vision, then you can write new ones, and if you find you are on the wrong career path, it’s okay to explore new areas that interest you,” he says.

In an article by Adam Smiley Poswolsky, workplace keynote speaker, he says the grass is always greener. We think everyone has it figured out, but in reality, we’re all looking. Instead of comparing yourself to others, spend time figuring out what you want.

There’s a problem with defining your career as a ladder, Poswolsky says. This defines success in a very specific way, as a continuous climb in one direction, instead you can think of your career as a series of jumps to different lilies in a pond. He explains that changing the way you approach your career can also be a way out of a quarter-life crisis.

“Breakthroughs require personal agitation, but they also require outside help,” Poswolsky also says.

If you don’t currently have friends or acquaintances to discuss your plans with, find a network through social media or sites like, he suggests.

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