How to overcome distractions at work and get back to work

It’s hard to stay focused in today’s world of distractions. We have all experienced distractions at work at some point.

Since a distracting environment can take a toll on your productivity and efficiency, you can try the following tips to combat such distractions. Before that, take a look at the reasons for this phenomenon.

Why do you face distractions at work?

While many people face distractions in their workplace, different reasons play a role. For some, it’s mobile notifications or chatty coworkers, while for others it can be pop-up meetings and office gossip.

Apart from this, using social media during office hours, snack breaks, roadside noise, uncomfortable workstations or ambience, etc., can also cause distraction in the venue. of work.

Get rid of distractions from the work environment

Distractions from the atmosphere are often difficult to control. However, you can follow these methods to minimize distractions.

1. Make your workstation lazy-proof

A workplace with food products

Keep your brain active by removing any material that can cause distraction. For example, frequent snack breaks distract you and distract you from work. Keeping a cookie jar on your desk will not only encourage you to take a snack break, but it can also bring in a coworker uninvited.

If you have your snacks in the pantry, you won’t go there often to eat. Therefore, make sure that your workspace does not have anything that could cause you impatience.


2. Clear the clutter from the workstation

Many of you may not know it, but a cluttered and messy workstation can cause immense distraction and affect the quality of work. If you work in a cubicle, the clutter of the desk will make it appear smaller and contribute to anxiety and irritation.

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Plus, an organized desk will save you from spending hours looking for an item. It will also prevent you from getting distracted for no reason.

3. Block out the noise or choose the right one

Unless you are working in a soundproof room, you have to deal with the noise around you. While it is not possible to block all noises from their sources, you can stop them on your end.

Using noise canceling headphones is the most popular and effective way to keep annoying noise away. You can also use apps like Spotify to listen to your favorite music or podcast. It will also protect you from unwanted noise.

Over-reliance on technology is another reason we get distracted from time to time. Try the following tips for using the tools without distraction.

1. Define a rule for notifications

An illustration of many email notifications

For some people, notification is the attention killer. Just a sound from your mobile, and you are looking for your phone to see what it is. To stop this distraction, check all installed apps and set rules for their notifications.

If you are part of a group of family and friends on different social platforms, it is best to turn off notifications during office hours. You can also choose to turn off notifications from all social networks for uninterrupted productivity.

2. Bring work to desktop or laptop from mobile

No one can deny the contribution of mobile apps to 24/7 response. However, using business apps on smartphones increases the risk of being distracted by using social media or notifications. You can easily avoid such problems by moving all your work to your computer.

You can use Wrike for your project management needs. The tool is accessible via the web and the smartphone. It supports real-time data synchronization and helps you stay up to date from any device.

3. Adopt the Do Not Disturb model

An MDN label on a door

Want to do in-depth work without any distractions? Switch to do not disturb mode on all your devices. In addition to turning on DND mode on your phone, you should also turn off all email, calendar, and communication notifications on your computer.

In addition, you can put a sticky note with an MDN mark on your desk. This will prevent your coworkers from coming to your desk when they can reach you online. Be sure to turn off all DND models when you are done with the job.

4. Choose simple apps over complex apps

Do you have to use a complex app for task management, communication, and time tracking that sometimes frustrates you? Be careful, as these apps can distract you from your scheduled work and distract your attention.

If you are having such issues with an app, ask management to go for a simpler tool. For communication, you can use Slack, which provides ease of use for its users. Even a beginner can run this application without difficulty and avoid unwanted distractions.

Block internal distractions

In addition to blocking out any external distractions, you need to know how to minimize the chatter in your head.

1. Strict priorities

An image showing the priority working files

Too many tasks on your plate can make you confused about your priorities. It can also lead you to distraction. Always set your priorities based on the importance and urgency of a task. Complete the highest priority task first, and don’t let other tasks distract you until you’re done.

You can try out the Eisenhower Matrix to find out which tasks to prioritize and which to delegate.

2. Use the GTD Productivity System

The Getting Things Done (GTD) method is an important approach to achieving maximum productivity without getting distracted. It helps you to collect all your to-dos in one place. So you don’t have to think about what to do next.

By applying this method, you can skip unnecessary tasks and become more efficient at performing crucial tasks on time.

3. Stack all communications

An illustration of the communications list

Habits such as frequent checking of inbox or communication apps are very distracting. Some of you might end up doing this more often after turning off notifications, which ends up ruining the goal.

Establish a routine for different types of communication and follow it strictly. Fix when you check your emails. Set a time to check out the different teams you manage. Once you’ve set the rule, let others know to settle their expectations of you.

Stop the distraction and stay focused

It might take a second to get distracted, but refocusing takes a lot longer than that. You should therefore take distractions in the workplace seriously and follow the measures discussed to minimize them.

When you work without distractions, dealing with task management challenges becomes easy too.

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