How to Complete Fever Dream’s Triumph in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

In Destiny 2, Fever Dream is one of the many Triumphs Guardians can claim during the Season of the Haunted. This triumph is significant for those aiming to win the Reaper title in the current season.

To complete this Triumph, Guardians will need to hunt down four different Nightmare bosses spread around Derelict Leviathan. These bosses are hard to find, which makes them even harder to complete.

Here’s everything Guardians need to do to achieve this triumph.

How to Get Fever Dream Triumph in Destiny 2

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As mentioned earlier, Guardians will need to defeat four different Nightmare bosses. Two of these bosses are located in the Royal Pools, while the other two are located in Pleasure Gardens.

Fever Dream Triumph has four different bosses for the Guardian to defeat in Destiny 2 (Screenshot by Sportskeeda)
Fever Dream Triumph has four different bosses for the Guardian to defeat in Destiny 2 (Screenshot by Sportskeeda)

Royal Pools

One of the most popular locations in Derelict Leviathan is the Royal Pools. This area featured one of the main raid mechanics when the Leviathan raid was part of the game.

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The nightmare Guardians must defeat in the Drainage section is the Nightmare of Qualec, the Sharpshooter. This boss spawns in the Royal Pools area. This boss only appears if the Guardian sees a message saying, “A red laser dot passes over your ghost..”

Guardians can deal with the Nightmare in the following ways:

  • Go to the Royal Pools area and head down the alley on the right.
  • Once in the alley, the Guardians will have to go to the second door on their right and go to the back of the room. There should be a hole in the ground.
  • Guardians must head inside this hole, then clear the adjoining rooms of any advertisements that appear, until they encounter Qualec’s Nightmare.

Guardians must defeat this boss and collect the chest they drop in order to complete this first challenge in Destiny 2.

Shadow Ritual

The boss associated with this challenge can be found in the Royal Pools area of ​​Destiny 2 and only appears after the message “Dark Ether is thickening in the air..” Guardians can take on the boss by following the steps listed below :

  • After going to the Royal Pools, Guardians will need to cross the room directly in front of them.
  • They must cross this room and go to their left, then enter the small door on the right.
  • Guardians will then need to clear the advertisements that appear in this room before they can complete three summoning rituals, which eventually spawn Syad’s Nightmare.

Defeating this boss and collecting the chest will complete this part of the challenge for Guardians in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted.

pleasure gardens

The Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2 was also another location featured in the Leviathan Raid. Although it no longer looks like it did during the raid, the structures here are still somewhat intact.

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Beasts of War Sporest

This boss spawns in the Pleasure Gardens area on the Derelict Leviathan in Destiny 2 and appears when the message “A distant hum of sleeping beasts of war..” appears. Guardians can deal with the boss in the following ways:

  • They will need to head to the raised part just below the large statue of Calus in the Pleasure Gardens area of ​​Destiny 2.
  • There should be a hole in the ground here for Guardians to fall into.
  • Once they’ve fallen into the hole, they should see a few sleeping beasts of war. They have to eliminate these warbeasts and other advertisements that appear here until Carun’s nightmare appears.

The remaining exercise is the same as the previous bosses.

Nightmare violated

This is the final part Guardians must complete to get their hands on the Fever Dream Triumph in Destiny 2. That said, this challenge is slightly different from the others. This is the only challenge that has two bosses for Guardians to defeat. The two bosses are known as Nightmare of Kralok and Nightmare of Halok.

They only appear when the message “A clash of sword and shield..” appears on the HUD. Guardians can deal with the boss in the following ways:

  • They must fight their way into a small alcove that is at the opposite end of the Calus statue in the Royal Gardens area.

Guardians must defeat the two Nightmares in this room, and this completes the final challenge of this Triumph in Destiny 2.

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