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A Luzerne County nonprofit says there are still many barriers for some women trying to enter the workforce.

ALZERNE COUNTY, PA – Take a look inside Dress for Success of Luzerne County, and you can see what it’s all about.

“Our mission is to empower women to gain economic independence, and we do this with a career focus, so that we can provide a support network. We can provide development tools. career, and we’ve got some great clothes that could help them move forward… their path, ”said Linda Loop, Founder and CEO.

Loop says it’s not as simple as putting on a new outfit for some women to go out and find jobs, especially for some of her clients who are trying to recover from the pandemic and need transportation or child care. ‘children.

“Can people who have been on the minimum wage scale afford a car? There is no bus,” Loop said. “Put yourself in this position. If you had to call two weeks off because your child was exposed to COVID, when you were exposed to COVID, what are you going to do? “

Loop hopes people will be a little more kind before they judge someone who is struggling to find work but wants women to know they can walk through their doors and get the advice they need to to start.

“Our women are forced to change things up a bit, and here at Dress for Success, we don’t want to just leave a woman in a job because there’s a ‘hire now’ sign. We want to help her out. develop a family career and something that you love and are proud of and that you develop throughout her life. “

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