Gisella Aboumrad reacts to Alicia Machado’s triumph at La Casa de los Famosos, reveals why she did not attend the gala – CVBJ

Alicia Machado is the winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ And Gisella Aboumrad reacts.


On the night of this November 15, the lights of The House of the Famous they came out after almost 90 days in which only 5 out of 16 residents managed to reach the grand final by being Alicia Machado who with over 40 million votes became the winner of the $ 200,000 prize.

This came as a big surprise, as Alicia’s attitude inside the house was not exactly to the liking of many of her colleagues who on several occasions referred her to be eliminated from the reality show. .

Additionally, she was the participant who starred in different fights, the most controversial she has had with Kimberly Flores, Celia Lora, Gaby Spanic, Pablo Montero or in recent days with Gisella Aboumrad that everyone was wondering why he was not present at the gala.

It was Gigi herself who responded via her social media and revealed that the big reason she didn’t let her attend is that his Covid-19 test came back positive.

“I tell you, my Covid test came back positive. Not to mention that we are waiting for the result of the second test to know if it was a false positive. I have no symptoms, I feel normal, ”he posted on Instagram stories.

And it is that fans of the Telemundo reality show have assured that Aboumrad would have been absent so as not to witness Alicia’s possible triumph given their recent confrontation, therefore to dispel doubts and rumors as well. He sent an unexpected message to the old Miss Universe.

“I would have loved to be there and celebrate the winner. Congratulations Alicia, well deserved, ”he concluded.

The positions of the other finalists of La Casa de los Famosos were as follows:

Pablo Montero he got fifth place with almost a million votes; fans of Cristina Eustache they gave her 3,881,344 votes and she was the fourth finalist; 8,419,382 votes were allocated to Kelvin Renteria who did not stray from the result of Manelyk González: 8,774,081 votes which place it in second place.

But the show is not over yet. Today at 7 p.m. on Telemundo, the famous will meet for the last time and nice surprises are expected.

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